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If you’re Desperate to lose 10 pounds in 14 Days, try Health Chex Medical. We understand our patient’s challenges. We strive to deliver our patients awesome weight loss results in time to look good and feel great for their special event. If your goal is not to STOP TRAFFIC but just SLOW IT DOWN, we can help you reach that goal.



OZEMPIC & WEGOVY Weight Loss Doctor. SEMAGLUTIDE Injections in Fayetteville, GA.

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Our individualized results driven plans are patient centered with a primary focus on the patient’s goal to look good and feel great. By utilizing a Multi-faceted team approach that is lead by medical director, Simon Portee, MD, includes Behavior Modification Therapy, Customized Diet Plans, Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultations. It’s no surprise why health chex medical patient’s achieve awesome results that’s been known to NOT STOP TRAFFIC but can SLOW IT DOWN !


Our patients make us who we are. We deliver JUST in TIME fantastic results when needed to make a memorable impression at our patient’s special event. We are transformation driven, knowledgeable, informative, and passionate about what we do. Renowned for our fantastic healthcare team, warm and receptive environment, and a great office culture that makes us second to none.



BASIC PLAN - $10.00 Per Month

 SILVER PLAN - $19.95 Per Month


Prescription grade Lipo/B-12 fat burning injections, FDA Appetite suppressants, Phentermine, and Adipex (if approved) , Natural supplements Garcinia Cambogia, Non-surgical FDA approved fat melting body sculpting procedure.


You can visit our store and purchase one of our many weight loss plans today.


Staff is great. Couldn't ask for a better place where I am comfortable with this aid in my weight loss goals.

Dawn P.

They had my injections ready to go and the visit was in and out!! Great customer care.

Sonya j.

Excellent professional service. True medical advice, nutritional education. I left feeling ready to conquer my weight loss goals and motivated by positive , realistic step by step ways to achieve my goal.

Tammy D.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Stephanie S.

Very nice and informative visit. They make you feel really comfortable and the visit was quick. I will surely be back. You get a folder that has a lot of information in it about the shots and how they work

Seaair B.

Staff is great. Couldn't ask for a better place where I am comfortable with this aid in my weight loss goals.

Dawn P.

The nurse was great very informative i am happy that i have the option to keep going back for my shot or doing it myself.

Erin H.

Rhonda answered all my questions reference with injections were best for me and things went smooth . I wish there was something to show a before and after with each injection type.


Very friendly and informative.

Shekevia T.

OMG The staff is amazing and I feel so blessed to be under their care! My first week I lost 4lbs so I have 69 more to go and looking forward to it with this team of Professionals. Hugs A B

Andrea B.

Very helpful and great location. I look forward to receiving my B12&Lipo shots.

Javanda W.

Excellent service !!

Connie K.

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