Weight Loss Membership


$15 PER


Weight Loss Membership

All Membership Plans Has A 149.95 Annual Fee

Basic Membership Plan: Start with an initial payment of $164.95, which includes the first visit covering the physician office visit, nutritional consultation, and Doctor's Order for weight loss supplements. Maintain the membership at $15 per month thereafter, covering office visits, consultations, and the Doctor's Order for Weight Loss Supplements.

After you purchase purchased our annual plan, you must select one of our plans from below: Basic, Gold, or Platinum. 

Basic Plan
No Commitment
Gold Plan
No Commitment
Platinum Plan
No Commitment
Membership Benefits $15.00 per month* $59.95 per month* $69.95 per month*
Office Visit
Prescription for FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants
based on medical history
Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultation
4 Super Lipovite Injections
20 Super Lipovite Injections
20 Mega Lipo Lean II Injections
Pricing Only $15.00

Only $59.95

Only $69.95